Perfect binding is a form of adhesive binding using either EVA or PUR hot melt adhesive. This
binding is sometimes called a "soft cover", which is similar to a paperback novel
binding. It is excellent for books, corporate reports, manuals, brochures, and annual reports.

With our high speed s
ignature collator and our PUR perfect binding equipment we are capable
of producing any quantity production run to create a high quality product for the end user.
Signatures or pre-collated text blocks are both easily handled with our multiple format

We offer PUR Perfect Binding.

Historically, perfect bound or paperback books are bound with an EVA hotmelt adhesive that
cures quickly allowing books to ship immediately once bound. H
owever new technology was
needed to bind hard to hold together substrates. For example,
digitally printed material, UV
coated paper, heavy ink coverage on press sheets, clay coated papers and specialty papers
would not be good candidates for perfect binding using traditional EVA adhesive. Although
EVA is a great candidate for some applications and material; PUR is superior when it comes to
handling historically tough to bind options
and maintaining securely bound book.  

There are some BIG benefits when you choose PUR Binding over traditional EVA Perfect
Binding. PUR adhesive is resistant to extreme temperature changes. PUR lays flatter than
traditional hotmelts; without compromising the stability of the binding.

PUR Books won't fall apart !

PUR stands for Polyurethane Reactive and refers to a specific type of adhesive used when
performing perfect binding also known as paperback binding of books. PUR adhesive was
introduced to the market in 1989 and has continued to gain popularity. PUR bound books
“cure” through moisture in the air. Because of this chemical reaction; PUR bound books
require a 24 hour “cure” time once bound prior to shipping.
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PUR Perfect Binding
Semi - Automated Equipment for specialty sizes
.02" Minimum Thickness
12.59 x 12.59 Max Size ** PUR
4.14 x 5.7 Minimum Size ** PUR
smaller size capabilities available with 2up production runs
2.56" Maximum Thickness