Muller Martini 235 Saddle Stitcher  6 pockets with counter stacker

2 Harris Macey 562 Saddle Stitchers - 8-pocket and 4 pocket
  • 4th and 5th knife attachments for 2up formats
  • 3 Hole Punch attachments for large volume inline drilling

9-Station Heidelberg Omnibinder Bookletmaker-Collator

UB-100 Harris Perfect Binder 23 pocket - 16 clamps in line 3-knife trimmer and counter stacker
BQ470 Standard Horizon PUR Perfect Binder
Rosback EVA Perfect Binder

Lhermite Automatic 15” Punch
•        5:1 Plastic Coil Die (Round Hole Pattern)
•        4:1 Plastic Coil Die (Round Hole Pattern)
•        2:1 Twin Loop Wire Die (Rectangular Hole Pattern)
•        3:1 Twin Loop Wire Die (Rectangular Hole Pattern)
•        2:1 GBC Die (Rectangular Hole Pattern)

Scott 10,000 high speed automatic tab laminator and cutter
Scott 1800 semiautomatic tab laminator
Scott semiautomatic tab cutter

10 Plastic Coil Binding Stations

GBC STL 1000 Double Loop Wire Inserter and Closer

Harris Macey Signature Collator 12-Pocket

4 Continuous Feed Stahl Folding Lines
1 Pile Fed Stahl Folding Line

Polar Mohr 115 Programmable 45" Cutter
With Air Bed and Jogging table

2 Large Format Weldetron Shrinkwrapper (up to 17x22)

4 Drilling Lines with Round Cornering Capabilities

Multiple Perf or Score Machines

2 Wire Spiral Binding Lines

Multiple Plastic Comb binding stations
and more
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