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Texas Bindery Service is equipped to assist you with all of the following service options:
Flat Sheet Collating
Flat Sheet Collation is the gathering or arranging in proper sequence flat sheets of paper to create a complete text
block. In standard flat sheet collation flat sheets of paper are stacked one on top of the other in the appropriate order.
After collation of a complete set the result is a complete text block in sequential order for moving completing the next
stage in the binding process.

For a more effective result, multiple pages can be collated at the same time by laying out a project for waterfall
configuration collation or multiple up formats such as, 2up, 3up, or 4up collation. In laying a project out for multiple up
collation it reduces the per unit cost of collation and is a more effective way to produce collated text blocks for large
volume flat sheet collating.