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Texas Bindery offers a complete line of laminating services to meet all of your commercial needs. Laminating paper is a process in which plastic is
applied to your printed material in order to enhance, protect and preserve it.

Lamination can significantly benefit items like menus, identification cards, printed instructions, book covers, id badges, posters, vehicle stickers or
any other frequently handled item. Lamination also increases durability of your printed piece.

There are many options available when choosing the type of laminating you want to enhance your printed documents.

  • Layflat single sided lamination is a beautiful enhancement on EVA or PUR Perfect Bound books.
  • Double sided lamination with 10 mil laminate on each side can change printed cover stock to the thickness and strength of a credit card.
  • When you laminate with 5 mil laminate on both sides your printed piece transforms into the thickness and durability of playing cards.
  • Laminate a printed sheet and turn it into a dry erase poster.
Options include the following:

  1. Single Sided Layflat Lamination                           5. Double Sided Lamination
  2. Flush Cut                                                              6. Sealed Edge or Encapsulated Lamination
  3. Exposed Gripper and Guide                                 7. Lamination thickness
  • Signature Collating
  • Side Stitching
  • Corner Stitching
  • Screw Post Binding
  • Loose Leaf
  • Punching
  • Fullfillment
  • Hand Work
Texas Bindery Service is equipped to assist you with all of the following service options:
  • 1.3 mil
  • 1.7 mil
  • 3 mil
  • 5 mil
  • 10 mil
Soft Touch
Dry Erase
Scuff Resistant