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WHAT is Perfect Binding?

Paperback books are known throughout the printing industry as Perfect Bound books. Perfect Binding refers to the
process of making paperback books.

WHAT is PUR binding?

PUR Perfect Bound books use the most aggressive adhesive manufactured to create perfect bound books.        

WHAT is EVA adhesive?

Traditionally, perfect bound books, are bound with an EVA hot melt adhesive. EVA hot melt has been used for
generations to create perfect bound books.
EVA adhesive activates by heating up and once cooled, cures quickly allowing books to ship immediately once
bound. Historically, digital printed material, UV coated paper, heavy ink coverage on press sheets, clay coated
papers and specialty papers would not be good candidates for perfect binding using traditional EVA adhesive.
Decades of using EVA have passed and scientists have continued to improve the strength or “page pull” of EVA
making it a good solution for many bookbinding applications. Although EVA is a great candidate for some
applications and material; PUR is superior when it comes to handling these historically tough to bind options.  

WHAT is PUR adhesive?

PUR stands for Polyurethane Reactive and refers to a very specific type of super aggressive adhesive that can be used
when performing perfect binding. PUR adhesive was introduced to the market in 1989 and has continued to gain

PUR is brought to a liquid state or “activated” by heat and “cures” through exposure to moisture in the air. Because
of this chemical reaction; PUR bound books require a 24 hour “cure” time once bound prior to shipping, and will
continue to gain strength “page pull” for up to 2 weeks after bound.
PUR Binding has become the premier choice for perfect binding and manufacturing adhesive case bound books. The
strength and longevity of PUR makes it an excellent high quality alternative to traditional smythe sewing and
traditional EVA adhesive.

WHEN should you use PUR adhesive?

When printing digitally. For books that need a long shelf life or books that will receive a lot of use. For books that will
contain laminated sheets or UV coated text sheets. For books that need to withstand high heat, or cold
temperatures. For case bound books as an economical option to smythe sewing.