Perfect binding is a form of adhesive binding using EVA hot melt adhesive. This
binding is sometimes called a "soft cover", which is similar to a paperback novel
binding. It is excellent for books, corporate reports, manuals, brochures, and
annual reports. With our high speed UB-100 perfect binder and our small run
format Rosback perfect binder we are capable of producing any quantity
production run to create a high quality product for the end user. Signatures or
pre-collated text blocks are both easily handled with our multiple format capabilities.
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Perfect Binding
Semi - Automated Equipment for specialty sizes
2-up run capabilities
Book runs as small as 1 book
12 x 18 Max Size **
2.25" Maximum Thickness
Book runs as large as 500,000+ books
4 x 6 Minimum Size **
smaller size capabilities available with 2up production runs
.125" Minimum Thickness