Handsome and versatile, Wire-O® binding is among the most popular binding styles available. Also known as
double wire binding, this style utilizes pre-formed pairs of wire loops that are inserted into punched book blocks.
Like other mechanical binding styles, Wire-O® Binding lets pages lie flat with 360° rotation for convenient note
taking and photocopying, and it permanently binds documents. That way you get the peace of mind in knowing
your presentations always look great and stay secure. Wire-O® Binding is perfect for computer and equipment
manuals, calendars, reference guides, display and promotional materials, cookbooks and flip charts.

One advantage of Wire-O® binding is that it does not "step up" when opened, allowing images to seamlessly
cross over. Semi-concealed, fully-concealed and wraparound covers; mixed stocks; foldouts; pockets and index
tabs can all be incorporated into Wire-O® binding products for increased versatility. Wire-O® binding elements
are available in multiple colors and diameters to give your books a creative flair.

Texas Bindery Service has the production muscle and scheduling Flexibility to accommodate your jobs.
An additional option for double loop wire is the option for cover
wrapping to conceal the double loop wire elements. This binding
process is achieved by having a wrap around cover that is scored
and laid out according to the thickness of the wire element and
book block, then punched on the back side of the cover, bound,
and then folding the cover on the scores to conceal the binding

This method creates an elegant finished additional option for your
completed piece.
Multiple color options include white, black, silver, bronze, gold, pewter, blue, grey, green, and red.
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Double Loop Wire Binding