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Index Definitions:

  • Bank         One successive row of staggered tabs from first to last position.

  • Body Copy         Text or graphics printed other than on tab extensions.

  • Collate        Gathering of individual tabs into sequentially ordered sets.

  • Cut         Number of tab positions in a bank. (Example: 1/5 cut = 5 tabs of equal size completing one bank)

  • Reinforced Binding Edge         Strengthened binding edge resulting from application of a Mylar strip to
    the binding edge on the backside of the sheet.

  • Mylar Coating         (clear or colored) applied to the tab extension.

  • Position         Sequential location of a specific tab in a bank.

  • Reverse Printing        Printing of solid background behind tab or body copy with actual copy appearing in
    color of unprinted paper. (Example: White text on black)

  • Set         One each of every individual tab in a job or group.
Custom Index Tabs
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