When your books need to have true lay flat capabilities and a clean, modern appearance,
mechanical binding is the style of choice. All four mechanical binding styles can accommodate
fold-outs, tabs and inserts, and mechanical binding elements are available in many colors.
Several cover options, including semi- and fully-concealed and cased-in, offer even greater
design flexibility.

Wire-O - The flexibility and versatility of Wire-O binding makes it an ideal solution for a wide
range of projects. Wire-O bound books will lay perfectly flat and fold 360 degrees for
single-hand use.  

Plastic comb - This binding style uses a thick comb to bind the book. Plastic comb does not
step up when opened, making it ideal for projects with crossover images. In addition, plastic
combs can be printed to allow titles to be read from a bookshelf.

Plastic spiral - A similar style to spiral wire that uses plastic binding elements. Like spiral wire,
plastic spiral-bound books also step up when opened. One advantage to plastic wire binding:
the plastic elements resist crushing, making it suitable for high-abuse applications.
Mechanical bindings have several advantages, including:

  • 1) the pages open flat
  • 2) pages may be arranged in any order, and may be of
    varying weights and sizes
  • 3) there is no need to impose and print in even forms, as 8,
    16, 32, etc., pages
  • 4) the bindings are simpler and less expensive than sewn
    and/or adhesive bindings.
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