Saddle stitching is one of the simplest binding
techniques. It is also the most widely used. Folded
signatures are placed over a "saddle" and then stapled
along the spine.

This style of binding is excellent for booklets,
brochures, newsletters, pamphlets, direct mailers and

Page numbers have to be in multiples of 4 to make the
folded booklet. As few as 8 pages can be used or up to
144 with self-cover. We offer multiple format options
providing for flat sheets or folded signatures, based on
our customers' needs.

We offer saddle stitch binding for all different size
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Loop Stitching
Texas Bindery Service can handle multiple format options for
saddle stitching and offers a variety of finishing options to meet
your needs.
High Speed Saddle Stitching
Automated Loop Stitching
2up Saddle Stitching
Automation for Sizes up to 12 x 18
** 2 Loop Stitches
In Line Punching
Automation for Sizes as small as 4 x 4
** 3 Loop Stitches
In line folding
Corner Stitching
Side Stitching
Flat Sheet or Signature Stitching
Saddle Stitching